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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 20, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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month. what do you think? too soon or lesson learned? head to our facebook page and let us know. >> use #keeptalking. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. today is monday, october 20. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. send in the troops, the pentagon orders a quick response team to deal with the ebola crisis here at home. this as pressure mounts on the president to ban travel from west africa. we have the latest with a live report from dallas. >> then love lost in maryland. prep takes to the podium -- president obama takes to the podium to rally support for a democratic candidate for governor there, but after he started talking people started leaving. a lot of them. is this a sign of things to come for the mid term elections? he hopes not. >> she's not exactly santa claus. a would-be burglar stuck in
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the chimney trying to get away with the loot. why this story would make you think twice about internet dating. that's the twist that keeps you watching for 2 hours and 59 more minutes. mornings are better with friends. >> hi. we're the oak ridge boys. >> you are watching "fox & friends." >> that would be great if your name was elvira. >> do you know i played elvira once? i sang a little cover song. things you find out at 6 a.m. >> do you have a costume picked for this year or have you grown up past that? >> i just wonder if you can do a little overtime and help me pick my costumes. right now the crowd pleaser is a dallas cowboys cheerleader one. then there's angry birds. not as flattering. then my favorite, snow white.
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>> folks out this in tv land, vote on which costume kimberly should be? the dallas cowboys cheerleaders, angry birds or snow white? we're going to start this hour on this monday with a fox report. the boyfriend of infected nurse nina pham reportedly hospitalized with symptoms, this as the 21 incubation beard for thomas duncan's friends and family is over. >> reporter: health officials have not confirmed information about this boyfriend. it's something that we're working on. but in the interim today really does mark a major milestone when it comes to this ebola situation here in dallas, because the 21-day quarantine and the monitoring period ends for some 48 people.
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they have made it through, showing no signs of the deadly virus. and of course that is certainly good news. all of these people were those who had some form of contact with the index patient, thomas eric duncan, who died from ebola back on october 8 here at texas health presbyterian hospital. they include his four family members who have been under a legally mandated quarantine ever since duncan got sick at their dallas apartment after he got to texas from liberia. his fiancee released this statement. it reads in part -- i'm quoting here -- "even though our quarantine is over, our time of mourning is not over. because of that, we ask to be given privacy as we seek to rebuild our home, our family and our daily living." meantime the two nurses who were infected from treating duncan remain hospitalized at emory in atlanta and the n.i.h. in maryland.
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nina pham's dog is being monitored and tested for the virus in dallas while amber vinson's family has lawyered up saying the way their daughter is being portrayed in the media is not fair. remember, vinson is the one who flew on two commercial flights round trip from dallas to cleveland, ohio, with a self--reported low-grade fever, something that she has certainly come under fire for. >> kimberly, would the vinson family have a good case against any misinformation during a crisis? >> if they feel some way somebody defamed her. right now the point is people are entitleed to their opinion. if you feel you have an opinion about whether or not she should have flown, but i think they're worried about the public perception. a lot of times lawyers step in to handle that rhetoric and make sure things don't spiral out of control. >> we're looking for the secretary of defense to step in and he's been asked
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in task with putting together a quick strike team in case ebola gets even greater of a threat here. again, the defense department asked to help out in africa. now they're asked to do something here. it's -- the quick strike team consists of essentially this. there are going to be 30 members, including 5 doctors, 20 nurses, 5 trainees set to act within 72 hours. >> while the president of the united states says there will be no outbreak in the united states, we are creating a rapid response team any way as about 100 americans currently are in quarantine, face travel bans or are being monitored. also there is a lot of pressure on the president. this would be so simple. we were talking about this on friday. one of the ways the continent of africa has kept this from spreading to other countries is the countries within africa have actually cut off borders with these three countries that are involved. >> but we won't do what they're even doing over there. this is the problem. there is a total disconnect
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and we seem to be woefully behind every time we choose to act. with the travel ban still, they're not doing that. now we finally have a quick response team. the mistakes that have been made show that we were not battle ready for this, and we should have been. of course the world health organization also saying they made mistakes. >> how about the fact we were using the world health organization criteria for battling ebola and we find the c.d.c. should have been going with that and finding what our criteria should be and what our response and now we will. however, the big debate over the weekend was about shutting off the borders, about shutting off the travel to this country from the three stricken areas in west africa. here's both sides. >> the strongest argument i believe against it is that when people are coming into the country, you know exactly, you can track them. if you say nobody comes
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from sierra leone, liberia or guinea, there are so many other ways to get into the country. you can go to one or the other of the other countries and get back in. when they come in from a place you can track them, you know. >> the president sealed off israel in the past, sealed off other areas temporarily. we can trace passports. this idea of looking at fever scans and asking people to be honest, we know these are two more assumptions the c.d.c. has than are true. oo you're going to stop panic you've got to be more accurate here. >> i think that is why the administration lost a step is because they put out so much information that proved to be wrong. for instance, the argument for a travel ban in the first days was you know what, it would have an economic impact on those countries there. they're not saying that anymore. they're saying if they scatter, don't go the regular route we can't keep an eye on them. >> but liberia is suffering
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economically because africa cut it off and they were one of the big success stories in africa. you have sierra leone and guinea. >> you can rebuild. if you don't handle this crisis right now in real time, you're not going to have the worry of the economy. and why should that be our primary concern? the president and his administration should be concerned about the health and safety of americans here and doing what's right to shut this down. and it is a two-pronged approach. deal with it in the epi center but also protect americans from coming here. >> meanwhile the president of the united states made a rare campaign appearance, upper marlboro, maryland, yesterday at a rally for the lieutenant governor anthony brown this. anthony brown wants to be the next governor. what's interesting is that while many candidates have been wary of appearing with him, mr. brown, as you can see right there, embraced him. but shortly after the president started speaking and people got all of their iphone pictures, as you can see right there, a
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steady stream of people walked out while the president was speaking, while he was at the podium. and some people who were there tweeted out this is just weird. he's still talking, and they're leaving. >> there is barack obama elementary school a few blocks away. "the new york times" has a rundown of the entire story and talks about the president walking his way back on to the campaign trail in small steps. then they talk about this, and they said they didn't even mention this, but "politico" does and so does reuters. >> this is not good. don't you hate it when the love leaves the room? this is not a pretty optic for the president to have these photos out here because it is matching the declining popularity and confidence that the american people have. look, i mean, not feeling it. >> not only did people leave but there was a heckler too talking about immigration. a bad weekend, although he was able to spend five hours on the golf course
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with tony cornheiser. >> the main story is if democrats want a comeback, they have to turn out the african-american vote and that wasn't a good sign yesterday. at nine minutes after the hour, heather nauert is back. >> great to be back with you. really nice to see the front end of the day and the back end of the day. i've got an update on a story out of virginia. authorities awaiting forensics tests to identify the remains in the search for the missing u.v.a. student hannah graham but those results could take weeks and weeks. we also learned that the body that was found was discovered less than five miles from where virginia tech student morgan harrington was found dead in 2010. jesse matthew, the suspect charged in graham's induction has been charged in harrington's case and identify in the disappearance of three other women. coming up, former lapd detective fuhrman will be
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here to talk about if there is a possible serial killer on the police's hands. ahmed abu khattalah had been arraigned in washington today on charges including murder, attempted murder and destruction of government property. the new charges make him eligible for the death penalty. he has pleaded not guilty to a terrorism conspiracy charge. d.n.a. results found on two porches from blood in the search for accused cop killer eric frein could be revealed later today. the search for the 31-year-old is now expanding to the southern part of that area after a woman who was walking her dog says she spotted him carrying a rifle with mud covering his face. this near a school in pennsylvania's pocono mountains. police have been searching for frein since september 12 when he ambushed a state police this killing one trooper and injuring another. caught in a bad romance, a woman in california becomes trapped in the chimney of a guy
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that she once met on-line and then dated. take a look at this. the fire department guys hoist her out of that chimney. neighbors say they heard a woman crying early sunday morning. upon arrival the 30-year-old suspect was found stuck in that chimney. fire crews tried to get her out. they even had to use dish soap to make it slippery. the homeowner says this isn't the first time she tried to break in. listen. >> she was on the roof before, called the cops, you know, told her to leave. you know, just a fatal attraction, man. i didn't think it was going to get that bad. it got bad real quick. >> fatal attraction, man. the suspect was taken to the hospital, treated for injuries, now facing charges of illegal entry into a home. those are your headlines. i know that happened to you in your single days.
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>> she is not a chimney sweep. she is a chimney creep. >> she should have crisco'd herself up. >> i think that ultimately was her plan. heather, thank you very much. 13 minutes past the top of the hour. coming up on this monday, now that police have tracked down human remains in the hannah graham case investigators are looking into other missing person cases. are we dealing with a serial killer? former lapd detective mark fuhrman weighs in next. >> the nfl took a beating over the handling of the ray rice investigation but he could be back on the field in a matter of weeks.
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this is a fox news alert. forensic tests are underway as police discover human remains at an abandoned property in virginia in the search for hannah graham. the remains found near the home of the lead suspect jesse matthew's mother. this location only five miles from where the body of missing virginia tech student morgan harrington was found in 2009. could we be looking at a serial murderer? joining us now, former lapd detective mark fuhrman. good morning, mark. how are you? >> good morning. thank you. >> this is a fascinating case and disturbing on a whole lot of levels because
3:18 am
as we go through this, it looks like this individual could be possibly connected to a number of other cases but tell us young this significant -- tell us why you think this significant finding is significant. >> there is a certain number of victims, certain way he contacts them. i believe they connected him to two cases, not only the graham case but the harrington case. this is another unsolved homicide, martin. i think they forensically connected the suspect probably from hair. when you look at the one predominant feature of the suspect, he has long hair that certainly sheds examples of the hair no matter where he goes. i think that's probably one of the forensic clues they're working with. >> they said there is now a link between the missing -- they found the body of the virginia tech student
3:19 am
morgan harrington, found in 2009. a new forensic link there. that seems like it's headed in the right way. there's other individuals under review. cassandra morgan, sophie rivera and samantha clark. are we looking at a potential serial killer right now with so many potential cases linked to the suspect? >> i think that is a foregone conclusion. three or more individual occurrences with a certain pattern or m.o. that is really the definition of a serial killer. i think they've already got that. this is a huge undertaking, and the task force will be set up to place mathews where he was at least the last five years. that's the area they're working with right now. they'll go beyond that if they can. but they're going to work with that. they're going to place him and then they're going to look at cases that are no doubt flooding the task force right now from not only virginia but as far away as texas because
3:20 am
that's where the suspect was arrested. so he's comfortable in certain areas. but the harrington case and the graham case was very close to an area that he knows around his mothers so they will concentrate on that place. >> they will look at credit cards to see what areas he frequented, tie that into missing or cold cases. thank god his d.n.a. is in the data base. detective, thank you so much for being with us this morning. coming up, martin luther king's niece has some advice for president obama. take a page out of ronald reagan's book. dr. alveda king explains next. many people don't know they're about to have a heart attack until it's too late. but now there is a new tool to help. your car? ♪ ♪ ♪
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quick headlines. happening today, you can start paying with your iphone. apple pay rolls out nationwide but you need an iphone 6 or 6 plus, and yes, i am up for renewal. ford is working on a car that can detect a potential heart attack and bring the car to a complete stop. if it senses irregularities will engage auto steering and braking. president obama speaking last night about what it takes to make it in the united states of america. >> america more than any other country is a country where if you are willing to work hard, it didn't matter what you looked like, where you come from, what your
3:25 am
last name is, who you love, you can make it here. >> but is the administration really doing everything to help everybody succeed? martin luther king's niece dr. alveda king calls this leadership morally bankrupt and she joins us now with her plan to fix t. good morning to you, dr. king. >> good morning, steve. it's wonderful. >> great to have you as well. on friday you told an interviewer many of our leaders are morally bankrupt right now. is barack obama morally bankrupt in your estimation? and why? >> as the leader of our nation, you'll recall that i keep asking him to pray to call on the spiritual leaders to pray with him so that we can be one nation under god, so that we can trust in god. i'm thinking about the little soccer mom who is saying my god, i have everything else to be concerned about, now do i have to worry about my children getting ebola?
3:26 am
the single mom who is struggling to make ends meet. and we now have the ebola threat added to that. the parents who are worried about gas prices and paying college tuitions for their children and all of that, and now this most recent scare. and so the answer out of moral bankruptcy to restore the dream in 2014 is of course to pray and find those godly solutions. i'm saying that the president really needs to do that. >> you know, when you talk -- a lot of people, dr. king thought when barack obama became president of the united states he would actually help the black community. but when you look at the facts and we've got statistics we're going to put up, u.s. black poverty rate was 35% in 2013. income for black americans $20,000 less than the national average. and only 43% of blacks own a home. has the black community been helped or hurt during this administration? >> the struggling
3:27 am
african-american community has not been helped. i'm a mother and a grandmother. i've helped children with loans for college, still that we're struggling with. taxes, to make sure the taxes are paid. and all of that. groceries, the price of groceries. as i say now, and i know that there are so many things that have been added to our concerns and to our plague. and so we're not better off right now than we were when we were looking for change. we need real change. we need transformation. >> i understand later today you're going to have a press conference and you're going to tell us about the restore the dream 2014. what is your plan to get the community back on track? >> we actually want to educate the community. we want you to look at the facts, not respond to the fear tactics that we are experiencing. isis is terrible, what happened in ferguson; we're going to go this a little later in the week too. ebola is a threat and a scare. and i really do want to say
3:28 am
to that soccer mom, to that single mom, to that struggling family don't panic. don't let fear overtake you with any of these reports because it can really cripple you. and so we have to have answers. we have to have solutions. but i really want to call this nation to prayer. i want to call our president to prayer. and i believe that if we start at that point as we work to restore the dream here in 2014, we'll have answers. i really do believe that, steve. >> good luck to you. it's called restore the dream 2014. dr. alveda king, dr. martin luther king's niece, thank you for joining us from washington, d.c. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, imagine watching a building burn with your father inside. [get my dad! >> we've got to get him out of there! >> her dad was inside and senior
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to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. happy birthday ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday ♪ just for you >> it's your shot of the morning. it's been chosen by the doocy family. happy birthday, steve doocy. there's steve recently. walking out with a cake she baked all night. >> very good. when i tried to give christina money to buy everybody coffee, she said
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let me try to find somebody el >> your credit card gets embarrassing. >> we don't want to talk about that. >> let me make a wish. [applause] >> yesterday i was able to start my actual birthday with cake. >> this is very sweet. happy birthday, baby. >> thank you very much. >> you're only getting better. >> a lot of you e-mailed me yesterday. thank you very much, always appreciated. >> mornings are better with friends. it's true. >> it is. >> steve, i wonder what the 4 symbolizes. is it the four of us? >> because i'm 40. [buzzer] >> you know what? it's 4 because it's time four heather. >> very good. >> by the way, did you have your kids home yesterday? >> no. they all sciepped with --
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they all skypeed with me. >> i've got a story coming up which says you're friendly and lovable if you're born in the cold winter months. in the meantime, i've got other news. unfolding scenes in fresno, california, a daughter pleading with someone to save her father trapped inside a burning house. >> get my dad! >> we've got to get him out of there! there's a man in there she says! >> look at that right there. you can hear the fire as it sets off explosions. it makes it extremely difficult and dangerous for anyone to go into that house. then all of a sudden, you see that man right there? a mystery man appears. he walked into that house calmly, walked out just as calmly carrying a 72-year-old man on his shoulder. >> this man in a blue cap is calmly walking towards where the house was and fire was and the next thing you know here he is coming out carrying this man.
3:35 am
thank god. we're greatly relieved. >> that's such a blessing. neither man was seriously hurt. a firestorm over an opera here in new york city. at the metropolitan opera, now it hits a fever pitch. big names including former new york mayor rudy giuliani protesting a performance claiming it glorifies palestinian terrorists. it is called the death of klinghoffer. it is based on a story you're probably familiar with. a disabled jewish man killed by terrorists who had i -- who hijacked his italian cruise ship. >> we do not compose symphonies for penetrating the minds of isis executioners. what we are seeing here in new york today is a moral deformty that challenges the limits of the arts. >> can you imagine? an opera about that murder. the shows premieres tonight
3:36 am
in new york city. are you moody? blame your birth month. scientists say those born in the winter tend to be friendly, lovable adults. those born in the summer prone to mood swings. research suggests that seasons influence certain chemical substanceness your brain including dopamine and certificate -- eratonin. here's a word of advice. don't mess with a retired boxer. look at him go. that video going viral. an older man challenges a young and fit boxer, and guess who wins? ouch! look at that. i don't know. we're going to find out who that guy is. >> i love it. they say you take your punch to your grave. these retired boxers, you go up to george foreman now, he would knock you out the same way he did in
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1974. >> and give you a grill. those grills are money. >> you need a grill outside today because it's cold. maria molina joins us live outside. maria, when i left the house this morning it was 36 degrees. >> we're waking up to freeze warnings and frost advisories across parts of the mid-atlantic. by the way, steve, i want to wish you a happy birthday. happy birthday, steve. good to have you here this morning and spend it with you. let's look at those frost advisories and freeze warnings. they go as far south as parts of north carolina and tennessee. very chilly this morning down there and even up into parts of the northeast. we could have a nor'easter coming up as we head into tomorrow. more details on that but first your high temperatures for today rather chilly across the northeast. you're not going to make it out of the mid 40's in portions of new england. parts of the rockies and parts of the high plains you're above average with temperatures into the 70's. there's a look at that nor'easter coming up.
3:38 am
mostly rain across the northeast. a lot of heavy rain expected tuesday, wednesday and thursday and very gusty winds. expect to see travel delays across the region. let's head back inside. >> 23 minutes before the top of the hour. a great night for peyton manning. how many sportscasters start like that? broncos hosting the 49ers. second quarter, manning, third touchdown of the night. breaks the all-time record 509 in his career. broncos win 42-17. favre tweeted congrats on breaking my record. the rams hosting the mighty seahawks, st. louis pulling off a fake punt. the -- think the ball is headed to one side of the field. rams go on to win 28-26. big lead, seahawks came back but not enough. looks like ray rice's football career might not be over. it is reported now he's
3:39 am
suspended indefinitely but could be reinstalled in as little as four weeks. the former ravens running back is waiting on an appeal hearing date. once that happens he could be allowed to sign with any other team. that hearing date mid-november. but i don't know who is going to sign him right now. finally, i've had enough of sports, i'd rather do something even more important like toss it over to you guys on the couch where mike s&l waiting. >> -- where mike is waiting. >> she is a comedic legend and genius who never fails to get the laugh. watch this. >> where's my program? will you hold your horses, mama? i'm lookin' it up for you. here it is. weather the storm. it was on at 10:30.
3:40 am
you missed t. for your information it is on at 11:30. it's on at 10:30 back home. it is on at 11:30 back here. >> are you sure? >> it is on at 10:30! >> carol burnett is back where her career took off. broadway. >> 81 carol burnett is fantastic. arguably one of the greatest living comedians around. she makes her big return after 16 years to broadway to talk about her amazing career and her return in "love letters." [screaming] >> thank you so much for joining us. a real honor. 16 years, you're back on broadway. so excited. how does it feel? >> it's going to be fun. the relationship between these two people, it starts
3:41 am
when they are five and six years old. we're reading a letter from our partner or writing a letter to our partner. we never touch, never look at each other, but you have to make that chemistry happen. and i'm back doing it again for the third time with my darling, brian denenhy who is one of the greatest actors in the world. >> i loved the carol burnett show when it was on. my favorite character was mrs. wiggins. do you have a favorite character? >> she was one and the other was eunice. >> we were going to yell surprise! >> we did parodies. we did vivien leigh. >> that is good. >> thank you.
3:42 am
i saw it in the window and i couldn't resist it. >> you moved to new york city and that started it all to you. you had a benefactor of $1,000. >> he said we enjoyed you. i'll give you money with a stipulation, use the money to go to new york, two, never reveal my name. you must promise to help others out if you're successful. >> and you do. and you're back in new york. love it. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good night. >> she's great. >> you can catch her now until november 8 in love letters along with brian dennehy. as always you can find me on twitter. >> coming up, steve's birthday. >> we've got a fox news alert. the turkish got not happy,
3:43 am
a former c.i.a. operative has the very latest. details coming up. >> this sign ripped from a school after decades, but jesus didn't have to go far thanks to one couple. meet them straight ahead. ♪ ♪ keeping a billion customers a year flying, means keeping seven billion transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter.
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3:47 am
gary burnstein. did we make the right move? >> yes because we don't want isis to prevail in that particular battle. but we also have to understand the context of all of this. the t.k.k., that kurdish group fighting against isis there, fought against turkey for two decades and killed over 40,000 turks. >> i heard they had a cease-fire going and the kurds are saying you're kidding me, you are not supplying us as fighters. you'd rather let isis wipe us out? >> the turks support and will work with other groups like the kurdish regional government inside of kurdistan, iraqi kurdistan but those inside of syria that are affiliated with t.k.k. are devout enemies. >> is turkey our a lyle or not? -- is turkey our ally? >> they need tooct like allies. we provided turkey with billions in aid over the years. this is a heavy lift for them.
3:48 am
their people are really angry especially those who live in southeast turkey but they still are not acting like allies. we need to do this thing together. >> our secretary of state says kobani, we moved like to keep that but not important. is it strategically important or not? >> this administration sends mixed messages. it is not clear. we have won multiple battles on the conventional battle field in the iraqi theater in the last couple of decade. the only thing that is different right now is our commander in chief. he is not up to it. >> yes or no, it is possible to have strikes in that area without american forces on the ground to highlight the targets? >> having them on the ground makes them much more effective. you can do strikes in the air from 30,000 feet but they are not going to be effective. no one is measuring the effectiveness of these attacks. they are saying we're doing attacks from 30,000 feet but what does it mean?
3:49 am
unless you've got guys down close, lighten them up we've got a problem. >> when are we going to ask egypt and the saudis? >> there is an absence of american people leadership. it's glaring. who knows, after the election -- and clearly there is a decision being made by this administration to stand down and not do much until the election. who knows? will we fight forward after the election or will we withdraw? that's what i'm afraid of. >> 11 minutes before the top of the hour. that is all we can go for now but thanks so much as baghdad is continuing to be under siege. straight ahead, it was one of the most popular shows on tv but should this breaking bad doll complete with a crystal meth bag be on the shelves of toys 'r' us. this sign ripped from a school after decades but students didn't have to go far thanks to one couple. you're going to meet that couple straight ahead.
3:50 am
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{door unlocking} hey, what's up? (door closing) how's it going? what are you doing? i can't believe you're watching this without me. we agreed we'd catch up on everything tonight. if i did this to you, you'd murder me in my sleep. you know what? just watch it by yourself. (sighs) i can't not know when i know that you know. the latest episodes of the top 100 shows are preloaded and ready to watch with xfinity on demand. aclu forced the removal of a sign of jesus, the good shepherd. one couple didn't let this stop it from being seen. at four feet the sign proudly stands in their lawn that they own and nobody can do anything with it. that couple, kathy and terry, join us right now from columbus,
3:54 am
ohio. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> so kathy, i understand that when you were growing up, you went to that particular high school and you were familiar with the good shepherd painting that hung in the school office since 1971 that was dedicated to a teacher who worked for many, many years at that school. then the aclu said, you're going to have to get rid of that particular painting because otherwise we're going to take to you court. the school board voted we don't want to fight this, we're going to take it down. when did you come up with that idea to erect that sign with the painting in your yard? >> shortly after that meeting where there were 600-plus people. we started a group to see what we could do to make things better. >> terry, as i understand, one of the first thoughts would be, let's erecount a six-foot tall statue of jesus, right? >> yes. that's what they wanted. >> and how much was that going to cost? >> it was going to be 30,000.
3:55 am
we didn't want thatn the yard. >> no. okay. so instead somebody came up with the idea, let's do a sign that we could illuminate at night as well so that people could see it all the time and that's going to cost $6,000. one of the things about this that you guys like about it is that nobody can make you take it down, right? >> correct. >> why was it so important to you as homeowners to dedicate a portion of your property to that particular sign? what was the message behind it, terry? >> we want the community, we've got a good christian community in new concorde and thought it was a good message for anybody driving up and down 83 and all the children going to school. >> and kathy, i understand that now that it's up, even though the dedication will be october 28, people are already driving by and what are they doing? >> they're either waving, honking their horn or stopping and taking pictures. >> just like that.
3:56 am
now, do you anticipate anybody is going to be offended by this? >> i fear that a little, and yet i have a stronger feeling for the good that it will do. >> i read that you said that you want it there because it's not been to offend, but inspire the students because it's as if jesus was watching down on the kids. >> correct. i want the ones that do know jesus to appreciate it and the ones who don't to inquire or at least ask an adult about what the good shepherd means. >> the good shepherd is in your yard, you're the high school and -- near the high school and nobody can do anything about it. we thank you both for joining us live. >> thank you. >> good enough. coming up, he's got zero health care experience, but plenty of political pulse. is the guy tapped to take on the ebola crisis the right pick? donald trump knows all about hiring the right people for the job.
3:57 am
he's going to weigh in on that next. calendar controversy. this steamy photo shoot catching the attention of the u.s. military and many not happy. others like it. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. today is non, october 20. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. the boyfriend of ebola infected nurse nina pham may be showing symptoms. this as u.s. troops start training as ebola strike forces. another fox news alert. police work to identify human remains that could belong to missing college student hannah graham. and now word that even more bodies could be connected to this case. are we looking at a possible serial killer? we are live from virginia.
4:01 am
and would you prefer to work for a man or a woman? the results are in and you'll hear them this hour because mornings are better with bosses who you like. >> it's time for "fox & friends." 2014, kansasan of the year, steve doocy. >> thank you very much. >> you still have that reign for two more months. >> you love the said velvet. what was it? >> my son wanted to know what kind of cake. it was delicious. yesterday it was my birthday and thanks for all the wishes. >> happy birthday again. thank you for showing up today. >> thank you. >> it's great to have you. >> thank you. great to be here. a fox news alert. authorities in virginia waiting for confirmation whether the body found over the weekend is that of missing uva student hannah graham. leeland vittert is live with when we could get results from those forensic test.
4:02 am
leeland? >> reporter: good morning. the police are holding everything very close to the vest, but conceivably you could get something back today on those autopsy results. let me set the scene. hannah graham disappeared from where i'm standing a little bit more than a month ago. this body was found a little bit more than ten miles as the crow flies from here, but might as well be a world away in terms of the terrain. very rural part of this town. yesterday there were searchers out once again we're told look for more clothing as evidence and possibly even hannah graham's cell phone. the police will not confirm or deny right now whether the body they found in a river bed is that of hannah graham. they have called off any more search efforts and called her parents. this is not the first time a body has been found in this part of the woods. morgan harrington who was missing was found nearby there.
4:03 am
forensic test linked these two cases together through this man, jesse matthew. he is charged in the abduction of hannah graham. earlier on "fox & friends," mark furman was on to talk about the significance of where the body was found. >> the harris countyington and graham -- harrington case was very close to his mother. they're going to concentrate there and work out from that place. >> that's exactly what police have been doing. you can see from the aerial pictures just how difficult it is for search teams to even look down through these woods and then down and to get a sense of what might be there on the ground. the autopsy will be at the state medical office in richmond. not only determine a cause of death, but bring a positive i.d. there and figure out if this is hannah graham and if they can bring closure to this family even if it is the worst of news. >> these families, so many
4:04 am
questions. three minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert will tie the news together. >> good morning. we were talking about ebola. the boyfriend of nina pham reportedly been hospitalized with symptoms of that deadly virus. health officials though are not confirming reports at this hour. pham remains in fair condition. she became infected while she was treating thomas duncan who died from ebola earlier this month in dallas. we have good news for duncan's family and friends. the 21-day incubation period is over, so they'll start moving back into their apartment. it's now been decontaminated. dna test results for blood found on two porches in the search for eric frien could be revealed later today. the search for him expanding to the southern part of that area after a woman who was walk her dog says she spotted him carrying a rifle with mud covering his face. this near a school in pennsylvania's pocono mountains. police have been searching for him since september 12.
4:05 am
that's when he ambushed state police, killing one trooper and injuring another. mark your calendars, we now have a due date for royal baby number two. royal baby fever officially hits this april. the news being revealed earlier this morning. like the first pregnancy, kate is suffering from morning sickness, but she is said to be steadily improving. do you remember when this was said about women in the workplace? >> i'm a man who discovered the wheel and built the eiffel tower out of metal and bronze. that's what kind of man i am. >> you're just a woman with a small brain. with a brain a third the size of us. >> science. according to a new study, 19 -- 53% preferred to work with one. 46% of men and women say it makes no difference. those are your headlines. do you have a preference?
4:06 am
>> because right now in our ears, we have a man and a woman. >> that's true. perfect balance. like salt and pepper. >> stay classy, heather. >> when did donald trump work for anybody? welcome to monday. >> good morning. good morning, kimberly. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm excited to be on with you today. >> you're to go a great job. >> thank you. >> have you worked for anybody ever? >> i worked for my father years ago and he always liked the job i did. so he let me be free and that was very good. i was appreciative of that. i started working with my father. he was a tough boss, but i did a very good job. he very much freed me up. >> it's all worked out. >> speaking of job, a guy who just got a brand-new job is ron klain. he's been a democratic operative for a number of years. he worked for al gore. he worked for joe biden as chief of staff.
4:07 am
now even though he has zero medical experience, he's going to head up our ebola effort. is this the right guy for the job? >> well, he was the spin master. everyone knows that. he was just a political guy, some people say political hack. i don't want to say that because i don't know him. but he's being called the political hack by many people in washington, including, fromly, democrats and certainly doesn't seem like the right thing. look, you could help our situation as far as ebola, just stop the flights. we have 200 people a day coming in from hot spots, whether liberia or different places, coming in from really hot spots, which really are infested and really have a problem. why are we doing this? why are we allowing this to happen? what's going to happen when somebody comes in who has ebola? now we're talking about the plane and all the people on the plane and where is it going to stop. that hasn't happened yet, i guess. maybe we'll find out about that over the next two weeks.
4:08 am
but it hasn't happened. but you have to stop to fight. you have to stop the people from coming are in the so-called hot spots, no yes. >> the president over the weekend, he was so angry at everybody for letting him down when it comes to ebola. that was the inside story. do you think it was leaked or do you think he was? >> i think it's great if he was. i figured he should be angry because he should be. it was handled poorly and probably just the beginning. unless they stop the flights, it's going to be just the beginning. >> i think you're right about that. why do we always have to operate from a position behind instead of having forward thinking and being courageous to protect americans and keep them healthy? >> are you saying leading from hyped? >> that's what we're doing here, unfortunately. >> the president was busy over the weekend. he did do a couple of campaign appearances, naturally campaigning. we want to show you some video from a rally in upper marlboro, maryland, where he was at rally
4:09 am
for lieutenant governor anthony brown. what's curious about this, mr. trump, is after the president started speaking, people listened to him for a little while and then a steady stream of them walked out while he was still talking. what do you think that means? >> well, i don't think it really means anything new. i'm not surprised to see it. what some people were surprised at, it was largely african-american crowd and they had enough. they've had enough. you look at what's happened over the last four, five years, the unemployment among african-american males is way, way up. it's through the roof, far worse than it's ever been. and this was an african-american crowd largely and they just couldn't stand listening to him anymore, which is very interesting. >> it is because the big story over the weekend, if democrats want to keep the senate, they have to get the african-american vote out and the president is popular, they say, in the
4:10 am
african-american community still where he got 97% of the vote. so you can not run from the president at the same time want the african-american vote. but then this happens over the weekend. i'm not sure where democrats go from here. >> i really think this is just a very unpopular president. very, very low approval rating. they're getting lower all the time. if you look at what's going on with ebola and isis and with frankly obamacare, which now is being overwritten. one bad thing it's been overwritten by a lot of other events that are taking place that are very bad for the country. if you look at really what's going to affect people so badly, it's going to be obamacare because i'm hearing stories that are horrendous where the deductibles are so high that people will never get money unless they're unbelievably sick. even then they don't think they'll be able to get it. more than anything else, the high deductible, cost of insurance is a disaster. that will come back because it's affecting people in their
4:11 am
wallet. but right now it's affected by isis and ebola. >> so let's switch gears. let's talk about your trip to iowa. what were you doing there? >> i was there, a congressman there. he asked me if i would go and endorse him and help him out. we did a fund-raiser. he's going to do fantastically well. he's got his eye on the ball. he's a man that wants to stop the flights. he's strong on the isis situation. he's really been very powerful to obamacare. repeal and replace. he asked me to come and endorse him and be with him and i did that for a few hours. i love iowa. i've been there a lot. it's a great state. he's a great guy and i had a lot of fun. >> there is something in the new york post this morning. an exclusive from fred dicker, the state guy up in albany. he's got a story that the attorney general for the state
4:12 am
of new york, who you know very well, he apparently was doing coke while he was a state senator and he has said he's done drugs in the past, but never when he was an elected official. >> well, he may be doing them now. he's sued a lot of companies and frankly driving business out of new york. he's considered one of the worst attorney general, really the worst attorney general in the country. he sued me and i could have sued -- they wanted to settle so bad, i could have settled so easily and instead, i'm winning the case easily. his case has now been totally gutted. one thing i see, they sue the banks and the banks immediately settle. instead of fighting it out. i even tell bankers, i know them all, why don't you fight these things? they always settle. but schneiderman is a total lightweight a real dope. now they're saying he took coke. as far as i'm concerned, he probably still does.
4:13 am
he's done a very poor job. he's done a terrible job in new york, really terrible. >> did you beat him? i know he came after you? >> i beat him badly. most his case is gutted. they wanted to settle so badly and let's settle the case. he just wanted to get some publicity on trump. >> you stuck to your principles and fought it, which is the right thing to do because otherwise this kind of thing goes on and on, the abuse of power. >> i think too many people settle cases. frankly these banks, when they agree to pay all this money. in some cases, i believe they're in the right. when they're not, that's one thing. i don't believe in that. i believe in fighting. >> donald trump, we thank you very much. >> what a pleasure. >> thank you very much. coming up on this monday, we just told you who the president chose as his ebola czar. but who should have been picked? former u.s. surgeon general under president george w. bush weighs in next
4:14 am
controversy. this calendar shoot catching the attention of the u.s. military and they aren't happy. >> the crew is can you start tomorrow?
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves. the american people are looking for someone with some knowledge and expertise. he has none in his field.
4:18 am
>> general honore or frist would have been a much more appropriate type of appointee to address this. >> was it a mistake for the president to nominate an extreme partisan on an issue that is not connected to public health? yes, that was a mistake. >> a growing chorus, critics slamming the appointment of ron klain as the new so-called ebola czar. >> despite his resume in politics, he's miss ago background in medicine or health care. >> is he the right man for the job? let's ask the former surgeon general under president george w. bush. thanks for being with us this morning. >> happy to be here. >> why did they make this kind of decision, a political partisan, somebody who was in charge of the hanging chad situation, what does that have to do with ebola? >> i think what i'm hearing is he's a very competent political operator, been around the beltway for many, many years. but the question i get most often is when we have
4:19 am
secretaries and assistant secretaries and people in charge, why do we need another person in charge? what's going on here? and the second question i get most frequently is where is the surgeon general? >> we don't have one. >> both those questions are common ones i get. >> he was known mostly for being doctors for ebola ebola and most democrats agree because harry reid has not put him up for a vote. >> many of my colleagues called me and said why? this is a position that traditionally goes to somebody who has earned it, who has had the merits to move up into one of those positions. you become a vice admiral. you have to earn that rank. you can't sit at a table with other admirals and generals and just be called an admiral because they know right away you haven't earned that right. >> let's give an example. you have the job, your qualification, military experience and all of the above. >> well, i've done a lot of those things and certainly served me well when i became
4:20 am
certain general after 9-11 to be able to help the nation stay healthy and safe and secure. >> you heard the administration cite, well, we can't have a travel ban because then people somehow get in the country and we can't keep track of them and everything will go to hell. is that a good argument? >> about a decade ago, a little over, we were faced with the same issue when i was surgeon general. we had a discussion. we came to the conclusion that we might force people on the ground. it might be more difficult. what i said this time, each one of these issues is so unique, you need to reconsider any and all option. a travel ban is something that legitimately should be looked at and it's not easy, but you have to look at the risk-benefit analysis. where am i going to get the best benefit? stopping the people or letting them come in in hopes i don't force them underground? that's a discussion that needs to be had by very thoughtful, experienced, knowledgeable public health leaders. >> i wouldn't be surprised if he reverses on that or having a czar. we have a czar and now we'll see what happens. >> we're wasting time. that's the problem. >> thanks again. >> nice to see y'all. >> we wish you were in charge.
4:21 am
all right. and forget your credit cards. you can pay for things with your phone starting today, people. is it safe? we have questions and kurt the cyber guy has that answer next because i make the best chicken noodle soup for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson® ya know what salesman alanim a ready foames becomes?he second his room is ready, i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at
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4:24 am
all right. time for news by the numbers. first, 1.60. that's the starting bid for one girl's imaginary friend. the 22-year-old is selling bernard, her imaginary friend, on ebay. she created him during a tough time in her life when on the advice of her therapist. apparently it's time for him to find another home. okay. next, 7.41. that's the price of a six-pack in baton rouge, louisiana. the city just ranked the cheapest place to buy beer in
4:25 am
america. second cheapest? oklahoma city. finally, 23 1/2 million dollars. that's how much brad pitt's new movie "fury" made in its opening weekend at the box office, making it number one all across america. sorry, "gone girl," you're gone, girl. brian. >> at your store -- apple payrolls out nationwide today. apple's ceo already touting why it's the wave of the future. >> it's an easy, it's secure and yes, it's a private way to pay for things. >> how does apple pay work and how safe is it? kurt the cyber guy is here. first off, should we be excited or wary? >> first of all, you lost your wallet over the weekend, would you be excited? >> no, no, i have my wallet, but i lost my debit card.
4:26 am
>> unless you -- if that was your phone and you lost your phone, that would be the only way to lose it. but still, you would have that. no one would get ahold of your debit card like they can in today's world. with apple pay, a couple of things are going to happen. number one, a software is going to be pushed only to those people that have an iphone 6 or 6 plus and in the future, that watch they're trying to sell, you go right up to a terminal at a target, a mcdonald's, starbucks, a whole bunch of retailers panera bread, they'll be inside where you walk up, put your finger on the touch i.d. button. these are the retailers -- apple has gone the distance on this one. if you think about what they did with the music industry and itunes, this is what they're about to do when it comes to mobile payment transactions. so the basics here. you've got the new phone, right? you go in, you use a touch i.d., you go up to the terminal, put your thumb or finger there. and it says yeah, brian, we go
4:27 am
ahead and authorize this purchase. the merchant never has your credit card number. the clerk never has your credit card number. so it's a lot safer than using your current credit card. your credit card is not even stored in this. a relationship with your bank is what's stored in this. it's as if you're going and cutting up your credit card every time you use it and getting a new one. it's a vast improvement from what we've seen so far and the way we use credit cards. >> so here for the dumb guy, i have four visa, american express a debit card or whatever i have. >> all the majors are there. >> do i have to download all my cards at one point with my thumb print and then decide where it's going? do. you'll take a photo of your -- scan your card. it will identify your card and your relationship with the bank that your card comes from. then you choose which cards you want to use based on your purchases. if you're at the store, if you know that day you want to use your amex versus visa, you'll have the choice of what card to
4:28 am
use. i'll put money on it. down the road, not too far, it's going to be the day that we don't any longer have a wallet for anything. it will be our driver's license inside of it. it willer our u.s. passport inside of this at one point. i promise you that's coming. i promise you that apple has got themselves a winner. now, if you're not an apple person, you feel left out, right? not necessarily. google wallet is the big competitor to apple pay. the only problem is, they've never been able to get google wallet off the ground. this is going to excite people who are android users in a way where their phone that's equipped with that chip, that phone is going to start working. people will start to use google wallet instead of apple -- >> apple is helping google. >> exactly. however, apple really does own the privacy inside of this. whereas google wallet may not be as private as apple. apple doesn't care about your transactions.
4:29 am
they're not going to keep your payment history. they're not going to keep your credit card numbers. >> so interesting. >> it's interesting what they've done and i think they've got a winner here. >> it's going to put so much pressure on the other outlets and anybody not involved. >> and you got wal-mart today who is not part of this and wal-mart is sitting back and i bet you money they're doing this, are we going to have to do this? and they're gonna. >> thanks so much. you do get your paints, right, if you have a deal with your visa card? >> you get your cash back. none of that will change. it doesn't cost you anything to use apple pay. >> got you. thanks so much. i'm going to try to get my card back. the bank couldn't print the cards when i went in there. coming up straight ahead, thanks so much. imagine watching a building burn with your father trapped inside. >> my dad! >> we got to get him out of there. is everybody out? >> no, there is a man there. >> a man came to the rescue next. and calendar controversy. a bikini controversy catching
4:30 am
the attention of the u.s. military and it's not happy. ♪ ♪ big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. [ male announcer ] when you see everyone in america
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♪ ♪ in case you don't recognize it, that is some of the equipment of the utah national guard. why are these women inside those tanks? yeah, that's what the utah national guard wants to know. looking at a video shot in utah at a private gun club and they
4:34 am
used these bikini-clad women with the big guns riding the tanks for a hot shots calendar. >> those are big guns. >> hot shots 2015. the national guard out in utah also the utah department of public heavy, wants to know, why were our personnel, public safety believes two officers are in the video, and also when did they get our tank? who gave them the tank? >> he's on the case. >> but here is the deal, this calendar goes towards the troops, british troops, right? >> thank you for that. this is for a good cause. >> i think i see miss january and miss february. >> the investigation has been launched. the maker of it says it's a harmless pin-up entertainment that helped raise aware for
4:35 am
injured veterans in the united kingdom and u.s. it doesn't answer the question of who gave them the keys? >> it's parked out back with the keys left in it. >> by the way, for those of you who joined us at the top of the 6:00 o'clock hour, kimberly revealed, she's trying to choose which halloween she wants to be. the dallas cowboy cheerleader is leading angry birds. >> three-day weekend for you. >> if i can get invited to three parties. >> if you would like to vote, go on our facebook page and vote for her costume. >> all right. >> all right, heather nauert. >> where do i go from there? you look like snow white. >> thank you. >> i know you guys will be leading the investigation. >> absolutely. >> i do have serious news to bring you out of indiana. this is a really frightening story.
4:36 am
a possible serial killer is behind bars this morning. the 43-year-old man confessed to the murder of a woman over the weekend and he later led police to the bodies of three other women. the search for nearby homes around gary, indiana, proved he was correct when he said he had killed others. police say he could be responsible for as many as seven deaths in the chicagoland area and even more in other cities across the country. the guy is a convicted sex offender in texas. he claims he met the women on the internet. we'll keep you posted. now no way to call for help. two men in virginia had to be rescued by the coast guard after their boat ran aground on cedar island. a friend knew they were supposed to be out for 20 minutes. they didn't bring their cell phones. after two hours passed, that friend then called officials. they were eventually located and hoisted onto this chopper. everybody is okay. a frantic scene unfolding in fresno, california. a daughter pleads for someone to save her father who is trapped
4:37 am
inside a burning house. >> get my dad! >> we got to get him out of there. is everybody out? >> no, there is a man in there! >> you can hear the fire as it sets off explosions inside that building, making it very difficult and dangerous for anybody to go in. then all of a sudden, this man walks out -- see him there with a blue baseball cap. he's a mystery man who carries the 72-year-old man over his shoulder and saves him. >> this man in a blue cap is very calmly walking toward where the house was and the next thing you know, here he is coming out carrying this man and setting him down. thank god. we're relieved. >> neither man seriously hurt. could you do this and do your homework at the same time? >> it is a big deal. who are you texting 50 times a
4:38 am
day? no, you can not text and do homework at the same time. there's a new study that says the teen-agers may be struggling on multi tasking 85% of young people are having trouble performing simple tasks because they're so distracted by music, cell phones and e-mail. those are your headlines. no surprise there. you can't do it all at once. >> right. >> we think we're doing well, but we're failing at all levels. >> yeah. >> you think you're up to date on your conversations and homework, but you're not. >> multi tasking. >> a lot of distractions for kids these days and for adults. >> speaking of adults, she is the adult with the news and the weather and she's at 48th and 6th avenue right now. maria. >> good morning. hello, everyone. we're looking at chilly temperatures early this morning across parts of the mid-atlantic and the northeast. so chilly that we're waking up to frost advisories and also freeze warnings across the region. these extend as far south as parts of north carolina and even
4:39 am
tennessee. so the eastern half of the country really feeling like fall there. temperatures are going to be close to average, or a little below average, especially across parts of new england. some of those areas are not going to make it out of the mid 40s for your high temperatures. across parts of northern rockies and the high plains, you're above average with highs in the middle 70s. across the northeast, mid-atlantic, heads up. we do have an area of low pressure that's going to be developing and this is technically a nor'easter. you're only going to be look at a lot of heavy rain across the region, but rain and also very strong winds are going to be an issue for anyone doing any traveling in and out of the region or heading to work, it's going to be a couple of days of very unsettled weather. heads up tuesday, wednesday, thursday, messy in the northeast. let's head back inside. >> great. thank you. coming up, send in the troops. the pentagon orders a quick response team to deal with the ebola crisis here in the united states. pentagon press secretary rear admiral john kirby joins us live to explain the new plan. don't they have enough on their plate?
4:40 am
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quick monday morning headlines for you. this is no clean escape. an illegal immigrant from mexico caught sneaking into the united states inside a washing machine. four other illegals were also stowed inside a massive cardboard box. a border patrol agent discovered them in the back of a u-haul during a routine checkpoint stop. talk about a dumb criminal, a new zealand man wanted for violating parole is caught after taunting police on facebook next to a post with his mug and warrant information. he wrote, quote, i need to get a
4:44 am
new mug shot. police responded, come and see us and we'll arrange it at no extra cost. the suspect was arrested, jailed a day later. crooks are stupid. >> that's how it goes. u.s. military being called on to tackle ebola in america. secretary of defense chuck hagel ordering a quick strike team to handle the deadly disease. here is what we know. it's 30-person team of doctors, nurses and trainers. the team will be able to deploy within 72 hours notice and will not be used outside of the united states. is this plan going to work? joining us now is pentagon press secretary rear admiral john kirby. thank you for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> give us your thoughts. does it seem like a good idea? have a quick strike team? will this do the job? do like this decision? >> we fully support this decision. this is something that secretary hagel and burwell talked about.
4:45 am
we have unique capabilities in the united states military and our medical health professionals and we wanted to be able to lend this capability to the government if needed. to civilian medical authorities if needed. they're going to start their training probably this week. the training will take place for about a week long session and then they'll be on this 30 days prepare to deploy ready status where they could be ready to go within 72 hours. we think we have some expertise that could be of help, again, only if needed and if required. >> is there any significance to the fact that they're going to be trained in texas? >> no. just so happens that that's where the training, u.s. army training that they're going to go through, that's where it is. and the training that they're going to be going through is really about ebola protocols, to help them take the right precautions, to teach them how it wear the protective personal equipment and to get them a little bit more up to speed on the latest on the virus. but that's where the training really is. that's why it's going to texas. has nothing to do with thesues . >> they asked you to do this,
4:46 am
asked you help in west africa while they cut your budget and cut your people. let's talk about the other big task and that's defeating isis in syria and iraq. i understand that you're now doing some humanitarian drops to feed the kurds as they try to hold on to kabbani. two weeks ago we were told by the secretary of state that it's not a strategic significant place. now we have 135 strikes in a few days. what changed? >> what's changed is that isil wants that town. the reason why it matters to us is because it matters so much to them. and they are throwing resources, manpower, equipment into kobani. they desperately want that town. the more resources they flow there, the more targets they represent. and we'd be foolish not to take advantage of that. we talk about how opportunist they are, and we see this ourselves as we continue to degrade their capabilities.
4:47 am
it's not just from the air either. you mentioned the 135 strikes. they're being hit from the ground by these kurdish forces inside kobani and being very, very impressive. they're working very, very hard. we wanted to make sure we can resupply them so they could continue that effort. >> why the wait, though, to do this, to get this done when it was being called for before, because precious time is lost in between with this hesitation and decision making? >> the decision to do the air drops last night was based solely on our assessment and our understanding of the supply situation for those kurdish forces that are inside kobani. i want to stress that the material that was air dropped last night is arms, ammunition, medical supplies. not food, not water. this was really designed to get the kurdish forces to be able to keep fighting. >> one scary development is the fact that -- they posted it on line -- isis posted their air force. they've apparently in august they captured some jets over in rocket syria. they have posted the video of them flying into certain
4:48 am
altitude. the scary thing is it sounds like they were being trained by former iraqi pilots which could be troubling on many different levels. is this a sign that maybe it is time to think or at least get a little closer, maybe we should plan for somebody being on the ground? >> we don't have any indication that they have this air capability that they've been promulgating, the video. we've watching it closely. we're going to monitor that clearly. but to your other question about boots on the ground, we're not going to return u.s. troops into inn a combat role in iraq and4s frankly, we don't need] it. we need competent gro5çj!u forcs there, indigenous forces that know the ground, the culture, terrain. we're trying to support them. the iraqi security forces and then we saw last night we're trying to support the kurdish forces. >> are you making these drops in defiance of turkey?
4:49 am
apparently they're not happy about it and you're doing it anyway. what could you tell us? >> i've seen the press reports that indicate that the turkish government is not happy about it. but what i can tell you is the president talked to their president yesterday. it was a productive conversation. he explained the reasons of what we were doing and why. >> will he open up a corridor and let other kurdish fighters in. >> there is no talk about that right now are a military focus. our focus is on supporting those kurds in kobani. >> thank you very much. we know you got a busy day. thanks, admiral. >> thank you. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up straight ahead, one of the most popular shows on tv, but should this "breaking bad" doll complete with a crystal meth bag be on the shelves of toys r us? the mother who is fighting back joins us live next. first on this date in history back in 1973, "angie" by the stones, number one song in america. >> i know the story about this.
4:50 am
i'll tell you in the break. ♪ ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
one of the most popular cable dramas of the last decade. would you ever think that "breaking bad" was appropriate for young children? ♪ ♪ >> the hit crime drama all about a teacher and his student who goes into business making and selling meth. it's hardly child's play. they say yet parents have been shocked to find "breaking bad" toys on the shelves at their local toy shop.
4:54 am
joining memo is susan, a fort myers mother who started a petition to ban these "breaking bad" toys from children stores. good morning, susan. you're a mom. i'm a mom, i have an eight-year-old son. i can't believe these are being sold as toys. i guess you had the same reaction, right, cass your friend -- 'cause your friend was at the store and texted you the picture? >> correct. she texted me the pictures and i asked where she was and she said toys r us and i just acted in initial shock about that. >> what prompted you to say i'm going to get involved. i'm not going to just be a bystander, i'm going to do something about this? >> another friend actually suggested starting a petition and so i just went about and did that and it just has blown up from there and it's been a little over a week. >> have you been surprised at
4:55 am
the reaction, people being vocal saying they disapprove of these toys on the shelves. >> i've been surprised at all the reaction, good, bad or indifferent. but i'm just amazed at how many people weren't aware these dolls existed. i'm making them aware of that and hopefully toys r us will listen and remove them from their shelves. >> to give the viewers an example, walter white figure is carrying a duffel bag that's filled with cash and a bag of crystal meth. i don't know on what planet this would be appropriate to have on the shelves at toys r us. we got a statement from them that say the products you referenced are carried in very limited quantities and the product packaging clearly notes the items are intended for ages 15 and up. items from the tv series are located actually in the adult action figure area of our stores. is this response good enough to you, susan? >> it seems to be the same
4:56 am
canned response that i personally have not received that from them. but that seems to be their canned response in this and the fact that the age on there is 15 and up, the last time i checked, legal age of an adult is 18 and just having it in the toy store in general is wrong. >> it is wrong. the other character carries chili pepper, gas mask and is wearing a haz-mat suit. we're going very wrong with kids if this is what we're encouraging for them to buy on the shelves, 15 and up. susan, thank you so much for being on the program this morning and for speaking out. >> thank you so much for having me. >> and love lost in maryland after president obama started talking during a campaign stop in7í]uebe,@4sz maryland. people started leaving. is this a sign ofgx things to ce for the midterm elections? bret baier joins us live from washington next.
4:57 am
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good morning. today is monday, october 20. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. the boyfriend of ebola infected nurse nina pham may be showing symptoms. this as the pentagon gets u.s. troops to fight the virus here at home. bret baier joins us live from washington just moments away. and is the love lost? president obama takes to the podium to rally support for a democratic candidate for governor in maryland. but shortly after he started talking, people started leaving. is this a sign of things to come for the midterm elections? if so, that's bad for the president's party. and brothers in arms during
5:01 am
vietnam reunite after decades. wow. this morning, they join us live because mornings are better with friends. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. accompanied by mr. steve doocy. >> wow. >> the birthday boy. >> i did an event at the white house. i was the emcee. >> i have never heard that before. >> you know he's big time. >> how cool is that? >> it says steve doocy is here with the president. it's the president is with steve. >> that's important. it's all about that intro. >> congratulations, steve. >> thank you very much. >> happy birthday yesterday. >> my birthday was. thank you very much. i'm sure i'll be getting cards from both of you shortly. >> no, cash, like last year. >> in the meantime, let's get to the fox news alert.
5:02 am
the boyfriend of that ebola-infected nurse, nina pham, reportedly hospitalized with symptoms. the boyfriend. this as the 21-day incubation period for thomas duncan's family and friends is now over. they're free to go. casey stegall is live in dallas with the very latest. casey? >> yeah. good morning to you. in terms of that boyfriend, hospital officials are not commenting on it. they have not givenners any information. we have received no news that there has been a positive test result for ebola. so keep that in mind. while today marks a major milestone in the dallas area because that 21-day quarantine and monitoring period ends for 48 people. they're showing no signs of sickness and now are able to come out of quarantine in the self-monitoring ends. all of those were those with had some form of contact with the index patient who died from ebola back on october 8 here at
5:03 am
texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas. they include his four family members who have been under a legally mandated quarantine ever since duncan got sick at their dallas apartment after he came to texas from liberia. his fiance released a statement. we want to read part of it. it says, i'm quoting, even though the quarantine is over, our time of mourning is not over. because of that, we ask to be given privacy as we seek to rebuild our home, our family, and our daily living. meantime, the two nurses who were infected by treating thomas duncan remain hospitalized at emory in atlanta and at nih in maryland. right now nina pham's dog is being monitored and tested for the virus by animal control here in dallas, while amber vinson's family has lawyered up, saying that the way their daughter is being portrayed in the media is inaccurate. remember, she's one of the
5:04 am
nurses who traveled to ohio. she got back to dallas one day before she was diagnosed. now her family is lawyering up, guys. >> casey stegall live outside the hospital there in dallas. thank you very much. >> meanwhile, it's time to bring in bret baier. he looks forward to it every day, even the days he's not working. today, of course, even though the mid terms are a couple weeks away, no one is talking about it. we're talking about how the secretary of defense now put together quick strike team to battle ebola. maybe the first one to go after and help out is the boyfriend. >> yeah. it's interesting, this quick strike team, obviously we don't know the deal with the boyfriend. the positive thing out of dallas is the duncan family outside of that quarantine. there are still others in it. the other positive development is that nigeria is now ebola free. 42 days. what's interesting is people, proponents of this flight ban in the u.s. are pointing to
5:05 am
nigeria, saying they closed off all the flights and the borders from affected countries, maybe we could learn from that. there is this push-back about the flight ban on both sides. >> the president did make news -- i forget what time it was on friday where he essentially asked for an ebola czar. ron klain. barong-time dc operative. he worked for al gore. he worked for joe biden as the chief of staff there. he is right there. >> kevin spacey played him in a movie. >> the thing about this particular guy, harvard graduate, top of his class. bret, he's got no experience at medical things. so people are going, obviously they just put a spin meister in there to get him out of this mess. >> yeah. listen, he is a political operative. the white house will tell you he has a lot of interaction with congress. he has the ability to coordinate through agencies and basically this person is about messaging
5:06 am
and getting everybody singing from the same sheet of music. that's what ron klain is going to do. now, he hasn't done it yet. they had a couple meetings over the weekend. he wasn't there. he starts this week. we'll see. i think his role will be more coordinator through agencies as opposed to medical advice. >> it's interesting over the weekend they talked to a dallas newspaper, had their apology from the executive with the medical center and then over the weekend they say, we admit, we had the wrong standards when it comes to protecting ourselves and treating ebola patients. but let's turn the page and hopefully this will be a better week. let's talk about the war against isis. now we are seeing bombing, 135 times over the last few days in kobani, desperately trying to hold on to that city, a city in which the secretary of state says wasn't strategically important. we asked rear admiral john kirby that, why the change? listen. >> actually is that isil wants
5:07 am
that town and the reason why it matters to us is because it matters so much to them. and they are flowing resources, manpower, equipment into kobani. they desperately want that town. and the more resources they flow there, the more targets they represent. and we'd be foolish not to take advantage of that. we talk about how opportunist they are. we're opportunist ourselves and we see this as an opportunity to degrade their capabilities. >> what do you make of that, bret? >> you have to feel for admiral kirby sometimes, fielding all the things that are said in the administration about x, y and z and then giving the pentagon take about it. he clearly is saying that they see kobani as key and if isis gets it, it's a big victory for isis. that's why they dropped these munitions and weapons from u.s.
5:08 am
c-130s to the kurds there fighting off this army. the question is whether they'll be able to hold them off. 135 air strikes in the big picture is not that much. in the big picture have increased over the last few days and they have had a little success. >> let's switch gears to something that is up your alley of expertise. you were a white house correspondent for a while. you've been to a million events where the president comes out. nobody moves. they take pictures and stuff like that. over the weekend, the president was at a rally for lieutenant governor anthony brown in maryland. he's running for governor. wants to take o'malley's place. and shortly after the president started talking, suddenly people just started streaming out. apparently they got their picture and they left. what's going on? >> it's pretty interesting. i saw the reuters write-up of that event and yeah, they described people kind of turning around and walking out mid speech.
5:09 am
that is pretty interesting. i didn't see the video. but if it is as described in the wire reports, that's fairly telling. i think that race is pretty interesting that he chose to go there. brown is up about 11 points, although it's closed lately in that race for governor in maryland. he's also campaigned with pat quinn in illinois. obviously his adopted home state. and quinn is in a really tough race for governor there in illinois. the president can't go too many places campaigning just because of the poll numbers. some of these states he's down in the 30s. that's not a great thing for the democratic candidate. but these two believe it's going to help them. >> very similar george bush and bill clinton at this time. if you don't mind, i'd love for you to host "special report" tonight at 6. >> sounds good. >> i'll be there. >> we'll be watching. >> thanks. time for some news.
5:10 am
heather nauert starts with news about benghazi. >> good morning to you. the benghazi suspect in u.s. custody right now is now set to face new charges in an american courtroom today. khattala will be arraigned in washington on charges including murder, attempted murder and destruction of government property. the new charges make him eligible for the death penalty. dna test results for blood that was found on two porches in the search for accused cop killer eric frien could be revealed later today. the search for the 31-year-old now expanding to the southern part of that area after a woman who was walking her dog says she spotted him carrying a rifle with mud covering his face. this happening near a school in pennsylvania's pocono mountains. police have been searching for frien since september 12 when he ambushed a state police barracks, killing one trooper and injuring another. talk about online dating gone really bad, take a look at this lady getting pulled out of a chimney.
5:11 am
she had met the homeowner on line. they went out for a few dates and apparently she couldn't take no for an answer and kept coming back until she got stuck in his chimney. >> called the cops, you know, told her to leave. you know. just a fatal attraction. i didn't think it was going to get that bad. >> neighbors called police when they heard the woman crying. firefighters had to remove bricks to get her out. they even had to use dish soap to make her nice and slippery. what a story. okay. here is a nice one. nascar star kyle bush with a big announcement on twitter. the driver sending out a tweet that reads, now announcing plans for the 2015 race season. look how cute this is. that is busch and his wife with his and hers cars. then at the bottom of the screen, you can see a tiny little car right there. baby busch racing in 2015.
5:12 am
this will be their first child. congratulations to that. they said we are in for the ride of our lives. >> great news. >> excellent headlines. >> he especially needed that after his race on sunday. >> good point. >> thank you very much. exactly 12 minutes after the top of the hour on this monday. up next, mark stein knows the real reason why liberals keep winning elections. will it happen again in november? he has a cautionary tale. >> we want to hear that. and calendar controversy, people. this steamy photo shoot catching the attention of the u.s. military and it's not happy. keep sending your e-mails. ♪ ♪
5:13 am
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5:16 am
weeks out from the midterm elections, conservative author knows what republicans have to do to win and why liberals keep on succeeding. mark stein has a new book out called "the undocumented." mark stein is here now. mark, congratulations on your latest book. so first off, what do you mean, you say elections matter less.
5:17 am
democrats are trying to win the culture war. what do you mean? >> because election day is one day a year and the culture is the other 364 days a year. so if you're not out there competing in the schools, competing in the pop culture, competing in the media, competing in the main line churches, then the air that we breathe becomes liberal. that's the default setting of society. and whoever gets elected on a tuesday morning in november doesn't actually make that much difference. >> when you look at a republican candidate, a lot of republicans are saying we got to change. we nominated guys that were moderate, john mccain and mitt romney. and they were not able to get traction. so how do you feel about that? >> the reason candidates don't get traction is when they're trying to move toward the center, effective conservative leaders, reagan and thatcher, are the two most obvious example, move the center toward them. that's with you should be doing. mrs. thatcher had a great line.
5:18 am
before you can win the election, you have to win the argument. so it's not -- i like all this technical stuff about if we get out the vote operation in this or that swing state and we can move the media with 1200 soccer moms in america. but that's not going to change things. unless you're in there playing for the big cultural stakes, like the left does, you're going to lose. >> evangelicals who were part of the culture war that the republicans were winning under ronald reagan seem to have been staying home lately. are you saying that don't give in on same sex marriage. don't give in on choice. go fight that out? >> that's a very interesting thing. you use that liberal word, choice, for abortion. and that's a good example of how the left is brilliant at framing the debate. so that if you want to talk about abortion, you're anti-women. if you want to talk about immigration, you're racist. if you want to stick to the definition of marriage that has prevailed for thousands of years
5:19 am
before anybody invented the united states, you're homophobic. the left is brilliant -- >> you want to shove grandma off the roof, which is what they said. so even debt becomes a social issue. and when you let the left win the language wars so that squishy consultant managed candidates are scared even to -- they said oh, no, our polls show -- focus groups show when you say immigration, people think you hate hispanics. when you make it impossible even to bring up those subjects, you basically insure you're going to lose whoever wins in november. >> so mark, you've been thinking and analyzing and you've been writing. the book is now out called "the undocumented." mark stein. many candidates will look to you to find out what kind of platform they're going to sketch out. maybe they'll go there. very good looking guy on the cover. >> that's my body double. he looks great.
5:20 am
>> handsome man. thanks so much. coming up, imagine watching a building burn with your father trapped inside. >> my dad! >> we got to get him out of there. is everybody out? >> the mystery man who came to the rescue. and one city threatening to arrest two ministers who really refused to perform same sex weddings, even though they're just following the bible. todd starnes here next. ♪ ♪ nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress.
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yep. apple payrolls out nationwide, but you need an iphone 6 or 6 plus and a fingerprint. ford is working on a car to detect a heart attack. the seat monitors, if it senses irregularities will engage in auto steering and braking. all right. kimberly, talk about something else. two ordained ministers could potentially face jail time for refuse to go perform same sex marriage ceremonies. an idaho city is saying no. we've been following this story and our reporter joins us with the very latest and he is the author of "godless america." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> welcome back to new york city from los angeles. >> thank goodness. nothing like the red eye. >> you've been out in idaho and this husband and wife ministers, they've operated this place called the hitching post for years. and now they're in trouble
5:25 am
because they do not want to perform same sex marriages. >> that's right. it wasn't a big issue until a few weeks ago when the law went into effect legalizing same sex marriages. and the rule there, they have a nondiscrimination law and it says if you spend 180 days in jail, if you disobey the law, and you also get $1,000 daily fine. so this is the big issue they're facing there. they're in idaho. >> by the way, we should point out that you heard his microphone. we fixed it. >> so this is a very interesting legal story. they're going to try and get around this some way. steve and i were talking about it earlier. >> that's right. here is the issue. this is a for-profit wedding chapel. even though they're ordained christian ministers, they have o abide by the public accommodation law, which is part
5:26 am
of this nondiscrimination ordinance that's in the town. this is going to be a big issue. they filed a federal lawsuit on friday. also filed a restraining order so that the couple will not face the fines and they also won't be thrown in jail if in fact the city decides to go after them. >> kimberly and i were talking about this in the commercial break. if they didn't want to do what the law says they have to do, why don't they just become a church? >> or chapel, something of that sort. >> here is where it gets really interesting. most protestant ministers who actually have a church charge for wedding ceremonies. so would they be in effect responsible for providing that service to a same sex couple in. >> because money exchanges hands? >> look, this is what i predicted in my book "godless america," the next big battle ground would be these churches where the lgbt activists would go forward and saying look, if you're going to do this for heterosexuals, you have to do it for gay sexuals. >> the law is clear.
5:27 am
>> it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the federal court. representing this couple, they filed the lawsuit late friday night. this could be very interesting, especially coming on the heels of what happened in houston where they've subpoenaed those pastors, their sermons and now their speeches that deal with homosexuality. >> it is a unique case. i think it's an interesting -- legal perspective and ramifications. we've seen it right here with this couple. >> that's right. >> thank you very much for joining us live and messing with your microphone. never a dull moment around here. coming up on this monday, a fox news alert. right now police are working hard to identify human remains that could belong to missing college student hannah graham. are we dealing with a serial killer? that possibility is out there. we are live from virginia next. and calendar controversy, baby. the steamy photo shoot catching the attention of a u.s. military and it's not happy. we'll read your e-mails straight
5:28 am
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a fox news alert. authorities in charlottesville, virginia, waiting for forensic results. >> yep. >> instead we're going to do the shot of the morning. >> we had a little teleprompter problem. a guy was on live tv and he was being interviewed and over his shoulder, as you saw right there, a guy fell off the dock. >> which is not a good thing. >> looks like he was trying to get a shot. >> now we're going to get back to it. what you always wanted. fox news alert. authorities in virginia waiting for forensic results to confirm the body found over the weekend
5:32 am
is that of missing uva student hannah graham. leeland vittert is live in charlottesville, with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police are keeping this information very tight to the vest. when we can do for you is set the scene. where i'm standing, the last place hannah graham was before she disappeared off surveillance tape a little more than a month ago. about ten miles from where the crow flies is where they found this body. police were out once again searching around that area look for clothing and possibly a cell phone that belonged to hannah graham. police won't confirm or deny the body that they found in this creek bed on saturday is that of the missing college student. they have called off searches for her and informed her parents of this finding. this isn't the first body police found in this area. they also found morgan harrington about five years ago. she disappeared after a concert and we know her case has been
5:33 am
forensically linked to jesse matthew, the same suspect in the abduction of hannah graham. current low in jail. at one time he fled to texas. police brought him back a couple of weeks ago, charged with abduction of hannah graham. so far no other charges against him. this area that the police are searching is also very significant because jesse matthew knows it well. his mother owned a house not too far from there, grew up in that around, grew up around these woods. he would have an intimate knowledge of that area. as for the case going forward, police say they have sent the body that they found to the state medical examiner in rich mopped where not only are they going to try to work to discover the cause of death here, but also a positive identification on this body to perhaps bring some kind of closure to the graham family, even if it is the worst of news. back to you. >> thanks. very disturbing case. hop we get closure for them. >> maybe they can solve several murders at once.
5:34 am
>> his dna was not in the database to begin with. this is a guy who had a couple of rape arrests in his past. >> really? >> yeah. now he's in the database and hopefully they can connect cold cases. >> all right. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with some headlines. >> good morning. other news going on. there is a scene that unfolded in fresno, california, as a daughter pleads for someone to save her father who was trapped in a burning house. >> my dad! >> we got to get him out of there. is everybody out? >> no, there is a man in there! >> look at all of that smoke. then you can hear that fire as it sets off explosions, making it very difficult. one man did it. a mystery rescuer, runs out carrying the 72-year-old father over his shoulder. listen. >> this man in a blue cap is very calmly walking toward where the house was, where the fire was and the next thing you know,
5:35 am
here he is coming back out carrying this man and set him down. thank god we're relieved. >> what a hero. he was so cool about the whole thing, too. neither man seriously hurt. there is a real fire storm taking place here in new york city over a performance at the metropolitan opera. it hit a fever pitch right now. big names, including former new york city mayor rudy guiliani protesting this new show claiming that it glorifying palestinian terrorist. it is called "the death of clinghofer" based on a murder that you are probably familiar with. a disabled jewish man on a cruise ship was killed by a hijacker back in 1985 when he was dumped overboard. listen to this. >> we do not -- what we are seeing here in new york today is not an artistic expression related to morality, but it
5:36 am
challenges the limits of the art. >> that show will go on premiering tonight. this is one of the most popular cable dramas of the last decade. would you ever think that "breaking bad" was appropriate for young children? ♪ ♪ >> that hit crime drama is all about a teacher and his student who go into the business of making and selling dangerous and illegal crystal meth. hardly child's play. parents have been shocked to find "breaking bad" toys on the shelves at their local toy stores. a fort myers mother started a petition to ban these "breaking bad" toys from children's stores. listen to this. >> i'm just amazed at how many people weren't even aware that these dolls existed and i'm making them aware of that and hopefully toys r us will listen and remove them from their shelves. >> the petition has gotten more than 1500 signatures.
5:37 am
the utah national guard is investigating this racy calendar photo shoot showing half naked girls in the videos. the models shoot rifles, they throw explosives and drive tanks on the draper compound without u.s. army approval apparently. the military is now looking into who gave them access to their equipment. the hot shot calendar is sold to raise money for charities to support wound veterans. i'm sure the guys who authorized this were like okay. you ladies can have anything you want. >> right. they're doing an investigation. >> i can't fault the guys. >> yeah. the other thing is, if you drive a tank, don't leave the keys in it 'cause that's what happens. they do a photo shoot. >> like under the wheel. >> yeah. >> we asked you what you thought about it. your comments have been pouring in. >> jim tweet, they should have cleared use of the equipment, but money going to warriors is a plus. i agree with that. >> margie says, quote, i hope it makes a lot of money for the
5:38 am
troops. i also think it is done in poor taste. >> what do you think? you can go to facebook or tweet us or you can e-mail us. out to the streets of new york city, she's at 48th and 6th avenue. i see her in the magic window. hey, maria. >> good morning. hello, everybody. it's little bit on the chilly side here across parts of the northeast. we're waking up to temperatures in the 30s and 40s for so many of you. because of that, we do have frost advisories and freeze warnings still in effect all the way down to parts of tennessee and north carolina. so pretty much the area waking up to fall-like conditions are temperatures will be close to average. up there you're looking at highs in the mid 40s. across parts of the northern rockies, high plains, you're going to be seeing highs as warm as ten degrees above average. you're seeing those highs into the middle 70s. if you live across the northeast and the mid-atlantic, heads up. we do have an area of low pressure developing. this is a nor'easter. temperatures aren't going to be cold enough to see snow, but you
5:39 am
are going to be dealing with heavy rain over the next few days. this starts tuesday, continues wednesday, into thursday. we are looking at the possibility of several inches of rain and also gusty winds. if you're doing any traveling out here, flying in and out of the region, plan to see those delays. you can see maine expecting to see as much as three inches of rain. that's going to be an issue up there in terms of localized flash flooding. let's head back inside. >> all right. maria with the foxcast. thank you very much. coming up, brothers in arms during vietnam reunite after decades. look at this picture. this morning they join us live just ahead and they'll tell us how they were able to make that reunion happen. and wall street just coming off a roller coaster week. what does this week look like? only one person we could ask to get3¤gu an intelligent answer. >> with your i.d
5:40 am
♪ ♪
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5:43 am
quick headlines now. are you moody? your those born in the summer are prone to more mood swings. however, if you're a winter baby, you're probably more friendly. the reason? season influences certain chemicals in the brain, like dopamine and serotonin. guess who wins the bout? watch as this boxer take on a new guy. this video has gone viral. that looks like jake la mata. >> that's fantastic. last week marking yet another wild one on wall street and economists are saying this week could be just as unstable. with investors on edge, what can
5:44 am
we expect? joining us now from our sister network, fox business, is maria bartiroma. good morning to you. >> last week was crazy. >> it really was. especially wednesday. we were on the air on opening bell and all of a sudden the market falls out of bed. at its it was down 500 points. >> was it ebola? >> it really wasn't. i'm sorry to laugh. but there are so many things coming at investors. the major worry here is the slowdown in the global economy. but ebola added to it. there is no doubt about it. ebola added to it on wednesday. we were learning about the nurse who traveled to cleveland from dallas. we've got real worries about the global story. europe is slowing down quite a bit. china. anyone's guess how strong they're growing. why is this important to the u.s.? because all of these economies are important customers for the u.s. so american companies selling their products there are seeing a slowdown and we saw that this morning. ibm comes out, they still made more than $3 billion for the
5:45 am
quarter, but this is worse than expected. the stock is down 8% right now. that's a dow component. that's going to send the market down right at the open. >> that gives a tipoff as to the global economy because ibm is a good example of that to see how the trend is. >> exactly. it's a multi-national company with operations all over the world. >> so gas in the barrel, oil to the barrel is about $80. correct? so that means what, gas is going to be us, going down? >> it's going down. it has been going down. when gasoline prices go down, you feel. it's like a tax cut. for each of us, we have to spend less money on our gasoline, on our home heating oil. this is a big positive. this is one of the real positives going on in the economy right now. why is this going down? there is a real feeling in the world that america will be an energy exporter, that america will export not only the shale gas, but crude oil once that ban comes up. add to that the slowdown in the global economy is pressuring
5:46 am
demand. >> i understand there is a theory out there that if oil goes below $08, that america no longer will be making that money. we might not produce as much. are they trying to scare us out of the market? >> that's the key. you're absolutely right. there is speculation that opec, the oil producing countries, are actually pressuring the price of oil to get america off of the shale revolution. the prince from saudi arabia said as oil price go down, it's catastrophe for the saudis. so all of the big oil producing countries do not want to see oil prices fall. they're trying to get prices down so that america gives up a little on the shale revolution. i doubt that's going to happen. >> we're not quitters. we're not giving up. come on! >> thank you. by the way, don't miss her opening bell on "fox business" network. if you're not sure where to find it, log on to and there you will find the channel. >> i'll see you in ten minute. >> thank you.
5:47 am
>> take your i.d. >> coming up, brothers in arms, vietnam's reunite after decades >> that's a hug. they join us live next. you can't miss this. first let's give bill hemmer a big hug. he's on in 12 minutes. >> a busy week here. good morning. critical day for the monitoring of dozens of american ebola patients. your 15 days from an election. what new polling tells us about the control of the u.s. senate. breaking news on the human remains found in virginia. and a new strategy for fighting isis. what what happened that could have a major impact on the battle there. martha and i will see you at the top of the hour ♪ music
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with pg&e's business energy check-up. it was a moment 40 years in the making. >> joe martinez and richard moeller served together during vietnam war aboard the uss white plains. the two were inseparable. and their brotherly bond is what kept them searching for each other all these many years and joining us right now are joe martinez and rick moeller, who once upon a time were known as m and m, a little joe and mud. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> good morning. >> so you guys lost track of each other decades ago. and joe, i understand you wound up sending rick a note and what did the note say?
5:52 am
>> if i recall, i wrote, are you rick mueller? you were my best friend. they called us m and m and we called you mud. if you are the same rick that served on uss white plains with me, and then i left my phone number and kept my fingers crossed that it was him. >> so you put that in the post office box. a couple of days later, rick, your wife brought that envelope from the post box to you and she said you better sit down. you opened it up and what did you think? >> it was unbelievable. i couldn't even open it right away. i it down and had to take some time to catch my breath thinking is this really him? is this really him? and i took out my pocket knife and unzipped it. set it down 'cause i couldn't pull it out yet. it took a few minutes for me to get my head together and i
5:53 am
finally took it out and it was him. >> rick, i understand you thought about joe and whatever happened to him every day for 40 years. >> yes, i did. i always wondered if he's still alive, if he's okay, if he had a family. everything. >> you just didn't know. how did you lose track of each other? you guys were as close as brothers during the war. >> i don't know. i guess life just goes on. you get married, raise a family and you just do your thing, but it's always right there in the back of your mind. you wonder every day if you're going to see him again or hear from him again. >> well, joe sent that note. it had the phone number. you made the call and then just a weekend ago, we saw this out in the denver area. there you got joe running to rick. what did that feel like to you,
5:54 am
joe? >> oh, i was so excited. i mean, it was a big relief. i mean, overjoyed. i was so happy. i couldn't believe it. my buddy rick was here. just felt so good. >> rick, how did it feel to you? >> we're back together. 40 years, but it was just like we never separated at the same time. so i don't know. most wonderful day of my life. >> that's really nice of to you say. i know, rick, joe has been so special to you through the years. you even named your son after him, didn't you? >> yes, i did. my wife had no say so in the matter. i always knew if i ever have a son, he's going to be after joe. that's his name, just joe. joe mueller. i told him on the phone, he
5:55 am
said, why did you do that? i said 'cause i had to. i just had to. >> you did have to. what great story. i got a feeling you're not going to lose track of each other this time. >> no. >> no way. >> no. >> all right. known as m and m, joe martinez and richard mueller, m and n, thank you for joining us and thank you for your service and i'm glad it all worked out great. >> thank you very much. >> that's great. >> hey, rick. see you next time. >> you bet you. keep in touch. >> oh, yeah. that's terrific. straight ahead, what halloween costume should kimberly wear? you voted. you had three choices. the results are in
5:56 am
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before we go, here is one for the road. talk about a rough forecast. a dog stealing the show during a weathercast. >> warm up nicely into the weekend. >> you're on your own. ripple the dog was promoting a local adoption event. wow. >> that was a little crazy. >> we should book him for our show. record setting day for peyton manning. his broncos destroyed the san francisco 49ers. he had three touchdown passes in the first half alone. 509 for his career and then afterwards, he got the ball. his teammates played and had fun with him. congratulations on the record. this is going to put peyton manning over the top. >> i'm crying inside because of the 9ers. the results are in. what should i wear for halloween? 65% of you say dallas cowboys cheerleader outfit. 29% with heather's pick, snow white. and only 6% say the angry birds
6:00 am
costume. >> that's good math. >> not bad. >> the reason she selected those three costumes is 'cause she owns them. >> there you go. >> will she listen to america? fox news alert. significant day for dozens of patients being monitored for ebola. more than 40 people declared symptom-free. a 21 day incubation period ended overnight. texas health officials holding a news conference live on the next steps for them and others sill being watched. it's a busy monday, right? martha: good morning. he bill. i'm martha maccallum. the group in the clear includes the family of thomas eric duncan and the group who had contact with the liberian man. the centers for disease control


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